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  • 130 cities served

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  • 321 cities served

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  • includes 1158 gyms
  • 160 in London
  • 414 cities served

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  • includes 1332 gyms
  • 238 in London
  • 425 cities served

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  • includes 1380 gyms
  • 281 in London
  • 425 cities served

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  1. Find gyms where you would like to work out
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  3. To use your plan or pass, Check In at the gym.

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We have a network of 281 gyms in London. Workout whenever, wherever - near your home, work or even in other cities!

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The Unlimited Plan

  • Monthly payment
  • Use any gym with a monthly fee less than or equal to your plan value.
  • Workout wherever, whenever and get into a healthy routine.

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  • One-off visit payment.
  • Use the gym when you want.
  • Ideal for travellers or if you just want to visit a gym once in a while.

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Let the gym know you're a Gympass member.

On your mobile, log in to the Gympass app and go to Check In (enable internet and geo-location services)

The gym will allow you access like a regular gym member.

Daily Token

Alternatively, you can use the Daily Token - a 10-digit number that you present at the entrance of the gym. Please note, you can not use your Daily Token to enter 24/7 gyms. See specific gym pages for more details.

Get your Daily Token on our website or the Gympass app.

  • Find a gym
  • Check In or give your Daily Token at the gym entrance

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