For the employee


One membership with access to thousands of gyms and hundreds of different activities


The employee receives up to 70% subsidy on the monthly value

Thousands of gyms, one membership

When a company partners with Gympass, employees will have unlimited access to

One membership, up to 250 cities in United Kingdom

Select your city and see all available gyms and class types

One membership, unlimited access to 176 gyms in London

View all gyms

One membership, unlimited access to 141 class types in London

Gympass is much more than weight-lifting. Train how you want, wherever you are, every day. Select an activity type and see the places available in your city.

Use gyms around the world

Your unlimited day pass package can be used in the Gympass network around the world, according to the monthly value you're paying.




in the world


in the world

For the company

More health

Lower health care costs

Increased productivity

Improve the organisational climate with more motivated employees

Lower absenteeism

Reduce absenteeism due to health reasons

High perceived value

Employees perceive a high subsidy value

Better talent

Attract and retain the best talent

Affordable benefit

With a modest investment, all your employees can have access to Gympass

A universal benefit

A single program that offers gyms and physical activity types for all profiles and tastes, close to work and home for all your employees

Measurable results

See the results of the program with membership and frequency reports by department, city, etc

Companies are having incredible results with Gympass

More than 90% of employees satisfied

Record membership of up to 70% of employees

Global consumer goods company

  • Overweight population fell from 49% to 15%
  • High cholesterol fell from 25% to 13%

Nationwide TV network

  • Sedentarism fell from 42% to 26%
  • BMI above average reduced from 41 to 36%
  • Cardiovascular risk dropped from 8% to 2%

Multinational industry

  • Physically active increased from 23% to 64%
  • Framinghan Index (high risk) reduced from 6% to 3%
  • High cholesterol has dropped from 8% to 5%

Free trial

Register and get a 15-day pilot for your company

Get your free Gympass Corporate trial by registering your company.

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