I) General rules for use of products Gympass

Below are the rules of use of the products sold on Gympass. Any rules below can be superimposed by specific rules of each gym shown pages of each gym.

1. Buying process

Select one of our partner gyms and choose a pass type.

Add the passes to your cart.

Perform the registration on our website.

Purchase the passes by paying via credit card or PagSeguro after being redirected to it.

Some of your credit card information will be stored for future use. They are stored in a 100% safe manner, see our security information.

You will receive an email with order confirmation and waiting for confirmation of payment.

Confirmation of payment by PagSeguro can take 1 to 3 days.

Get your proof of purchase by email!

Do your check in at the entrance of the gym to work out!

2. Arrival an the gym

At the reception of the gym tell that you are a Gympass customer.

The receptionist will check your check in (you may also show the daily token on a paper, on the phone or just provide the daily token number)

The receptionist will perform the validation of your pass online or via telephone.

Ready, you can now enjoy all the convenience of a Gympass pass.

Only passes for which payment has already been confirmed via credit card or by PagSeguro will be valid for use.

3. Expiration of Passes

1 day passes must be used within a 30 day period.

10 day passes are valid for 120 days.

Unlimited day pass packages are valid while the monthly value has been paid on time.

4. Cancellation

You may cancel your purchase within 7 days after making the payment by requesting your refund to Gympass.

The cancellation request can be made through contato@gympass.com email, or phones online chat or phone contact.

For subscriptions made directly with companies through payroll deduction, cancellation must be made directly with the responsible department in the company.

Only unused passes will be refunded.

5. Restrictions

Passes are non-transferable and nominal. To make the purchase of passes for different people, you need to perform different registrations.
For swimming, gyms generally ask for a health certificate stating that you are able to use the pool.
If there is any other obligation, the gym will warn Gympass, which will make it clear in the information page of the gym.

6. Booking

The class cancellation window and policies are defined by the studios or gyms and it can vary from one venue to another.

Early cancel: Allows the customer to cancel their class without any penalty. The early cancel is normally accepted by gyms and studios when customers give notice of their need to cancel.

Late cancel:  Allows the customer to cancel their class, but suspends the daily check-in for that day for the missed visit. The studio's often late cancel when customers give little or no notice of their need to cancel.

No show: Occurs when a customer has booked a class and does not show up or cancel during the late cancel window. The daily check-in is deducted from that day. 


For example:

If you cancel a class within 12 hours (late cancel) of class time, your check-in will be blocked for new check-ins that day, and if you miss class without canceling (no show),

your daily check-in will be deducted from that day. Those fees help cover the cost of your spot in the class.


II) Specific rules of use by type of product 

Normally, no prior appointment is required for use, and the time of use is limited by operating hours of the gym (such as for bodybuilding activities).

With the Gympass pass you are entitled to a single entry in the gym and can stay as long as you wish, except for those classes with limited duration

(such as yoga, pilates, dance, fight and martial arts) or other restrictions that the gym can inform for a certain activity. In some gyms you are allowed multiple entries during the same day, however this permission should be checked with the gym.

III) Unlimited day pass package rules

What they are

With the goal of providing exclusive services and ensure that physical activity fits into the routine of our customers we created the "Unlimited day pass package". With it you have::

Flexibility to choose different gyms in different neighborhoods and cities to attend.

Economy, go to as many partner gyms as you want.

Recommended for people who wish to attend the gym around 3 X a week or more.

How they work

The Gympass client who joined the "Unlimited day pass package" will have access to check in that will give you access to the network of Gympass partner gyms.

The check in issued in the current day must be presented to reception on all visits to the gym for validation, subsequently allowing entry of the user.

The validation of your daily token can be performed online or via phone by the gym.

Presenting the daily token is required at the reception is required. As for the use of the pool, gyms ask that the user previous checks the schedule and use according to availability.

The "Unlimited day pass package" gives you the right to use a gym per day. The authorization to make multiple entries in the same gym in one day depends on the gym.

The gyms belonging to the contracted package may change without notice according to price changes made by gyms, respecting the maximum range passes included in the package.

The package is personal and not transferable: the gym will check your data at the time of entry.

In case of fraud or misuse of unlimited daily, unlimited daily may be blocked and the user will be notified about the reasons.

It's mandatory to show the check in in every visit to the gym. The gym will check your data every visit.

For the gyms of most cities, it is required to submit a valid health certificate allowing the user to perform physical activity.

"Unlimited day pass package" are only available for sale at the Gympass site, you cannot buy it directly at the gym.

The "Unlimited day pass package" does not have vacation or locking periods.

The Unlimited day pass package can be used in any country where Gympass has partner gyms. If the currency of the country where you want to use a partner is different from the country where you purchased your unlimited day pass package, the unlimited day pass package value considered will be the original value, converted to the local currency, multiplied by 0.9 (exchange risk factor). See the current converted value of the unlimited day pass package at the filter of the gyms included in your package.

How much they cost

See the unlimited day pass package options

All packages will be valid for 30 (thirty) days.

After this period the package will be automatically renewed for equal and subsequent periods and a new membership fee will be charged for each new period.

All payments will be made online through Gympass, no payment can be done directly at the gym.

How to buy

Find a gym near you on our site.

Choose the package for you.

After adding your package to the cart read and accept the terms and conditions for the services offered.

Register a credit card or other payment information on which the monthly charges will be made.

You're ready, you will receive a check in for the current day. Here's how to check-in to enter the gym.


Request cancellation of your package via call-center Gympass or at the user's area.

After the cancellation request of your unlimited day package, always at the expiration of the monthly period, it will be blocked for access to gyms.

Cancellation will not be allowed in the middle of the 30 days period. The package will always be ended at the expiry date of the monthly period, counted from the day of the month when the packet started.

In no event will any amounts be refunded, not even for periods in which you have not used the gym.

The cancellation will be made only at the end of the current monthly, and in the meantime you will still have access to gyms.