Gympass Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Thank you for using Gympass.

Below you can find some frequently asked questions (FAQ) on how to use our Services. Please read our Terms and Privacy Policy carefully, as they apply to your use of our Services. In case of any inconsistency between these FAQ and the Terms, the Terms will prevail.

A number of terms in these FAQ are written with initial capitals. Curious what they mean? Check out the definitions section in our Terms.

The Gyms that you can visit through our Services are very diverse and have their own usage terms. Please be aware that these Gym usage terms (including age requirements) apply to your use of the Gym Services and will become part of your agreement with the Gym. You must follow any terms and policies made available to you by the Gym.

What is the difference between GymCARD and Plan?

There is no difference. Officially we offer a GymCARD to our Users. However, sometimes our marketing team prefers to use the word Plan.

How does it work?

Check out chapter 6 ‘How to use our Services’ in our Terms. Here you can find out how to start using your GymCARD in four easy steps.

Will I receive a physical GymCARD?

No, the GymCARD is electronic. As mentioned in the Terms, GymCARD is also known as "Plan". Your access to the Gyms included in your Plan can be done through your account on our Website or Gympass App. 

How can I cancel, change or suspend my subscription to GymCARD?  

You may have an agreement to monthly receive a GymCARD – valid for 1 month each time. You do not feel like working out for a while? No problem, you can suspend, cancel, upgrade and downgrade your subscription to GymCARD at any time as described in chapter 13 Terminate, Suspend or Change your subscription to GymCARD of our Terms.

To temporarily suspend your GymCARD subscription, simply activate this by sending an email to

To upgrade, downgrade or cancel your GymCARD subscription, simply activate this online by going to “My Plan” and “Change or Cancel my Plan”.

Which restrictions apply to the use of my GymCARD?

Your use of the Services is subject to the restrictions as defined in our Terms. Below you can find a few important restrictions:

Personal use: Your GymCARD is for personal use only and it is non-transferable. You cannot share your GymCARD with other people. If you want to invite your family, they can get registered in a separate account.

Gym Policies: You must follow any procedures, policies and behaviour and usage rules made available to you by the Gyms. Gyms often have their own procedures and regulations, regarding amongst others: reserving classes, use of the Gym, registration, medical certificates for physical activities, signing disclaimers, instructions regarding clothing or any requirement based on local legislation.

Check in: You are obligated to Validate (check in) at a Gym, before you enter.

Limitations of your GymCARD: In some cases, where specified on the Gym page, some GymCARDs allow for a limited amount of weekly and/or monthly visits or visiting hours. Additionally a Gym may impose specific restrictions or offer additional services. Contact the Gym to receive more information about these services or restrictions.

Misuse or fraud: Do not misuse your GymCARD or the Gym Services provided by the Gyms. For example, do not share your GymCARD with others and do not violate Gympass' or the Gym’s policies and rules. Gympass reserves the right to cancel your GymCARD if fraud or any kind of misuse is found or suspected.

How can I book classes?

In most cases you need to book your classes directly at the Gym (website).

In some countries you can book a class directly through the Website or Gympass App. In case this applies to the Gym you want to visit, please note that the booking and class cancellation policies are set by each individual Gym and may vary from one Gym and/or Gym location to another.

Please find below some general cancellation policies. The cancellation notice periods will be determined by each Gym and will be specified in the Gympass page of each Gym.

Early cancellation: Allows you to cancel the class without penalty. Early cancellation is usually accepted by Gyms when you notify the Gym well in advance that you will not attend the class.

Late cancellation: Allows you to cancel the class, but your check-in for that day will be suspended. Your cancellation will often be considered late when you give a short notice to the Gym.

No show: Occurs when you do not appear or cancel the class during the last cancellation window. Daily check-in is deducted from that day and you will not be able to check-in to another Gym/location on the same day.

For example:

If you cancel a class within 12 hours (late cancellation) of the class time, your check-in will be blocked for a new check-in on that same day and, if you miss the class without cancelling (not attending), your daily check-in shall be deducted from that day. These fees help cover the cost of your seat in the class.

How can I invite my Family Members?  

Some employers offer their employees the possibility to invite their family members to purchase a GymCARD. In order to find out if this option is available to you, log into your account and go to "Add a family member”.

You can only include a family member if you have an active GymCARD. However, the moment you are no longer an employee of a company that has an agreement with us, you and your family member will both lose access to the GymCARD.

Once you added your family member, he or she will receive an email to confirm your account and to choose a GymCARD. There is no obligation for your family member to choose the same type of GymCARD.

The GymCARD of your family member can be paid directly at the time of his/her referral or upon the GymCARD confirmation.

The same Terms, Privacy Policy and FAQ apply to the GymCARD of your family members.

How can I recommend Gympass and earn credits?

Can I refer a colleague at work?

Yes, you can. All Users referred by you receive a credit for the purchase of their first GymCARD.

However, you and your colleague can only earn the credit, respectively first-time discount, if your colleague is an employee eligible to the Gympass corporate benefit in your company. Your colleague will need to create an account or log in via the referral link shared by you via e-mail or other channels.

If you are not sure whether your colleague is eligible to purchase a GymCARD, ask your HR manager.

How do I refer a colleague?

If the option to refer a colleague is available in your company, you will see this option available in your account.

Access the referral area in your account to receive your individual link. You can share this link with the colleague that might be interested in Gympass.

Every colleague that has created an account or logs in via your referral link will receive a credit that will be applied to their shopping cart. This is valid only for their first purchase. If your colleague already received a discount, the credit received via your referral link will not be added to his/her shopping cart. The credit cannot be used for the payment of following months.

Once the colleague that you referred purchases a GymCARD, you will receive a credit in your account to be used when purchasing or renewing your GymCARD subscription (it will be deducted automatically from the total GymCARD amount).

You will only receive a credit after the colleague your referred has purchased a GymCARD using your referral link. In other words, if you send a referral link to your colleague and he/she only creates an account at Gympass, but does not purchase a GymCARD, you will not receive any credits.

For credit conditions (credit amounts to be received and their limitations), see the referral area in your account.

For more information about our “Invite and Win" please see our FAQ with the relevant information.


My family is interested in purchasing a GymCARD. How does that work?

To refer your family members, you can use the "Add a family member” option directly in your account after you have purchased a GymCARD. Be aware that a limitation applies to the number of family member that you can add.

Check with your company to know if people outside your immediate family circle can also be referred as family members to take advantage from the unique offer.

Is there a limitation of the number colleagues that I can refer?

There is no limitation to the number of colleagues that you can refer. However, the total amount of credits you can earn is be limited in some cases. See the referral area in your account to know all the details.

I have just sent a recommendation to a colleague. And now?

When your colleague has purchased a GymCARD through the referral link, you will be notified by email and your credit will become available in your account.

I referred a colleague and he/she has purchased a GymCARD. What happens if this colleague leaves the company?

The credit will be added to your account as soon as the colleague you referred has made its first GymCARD purchase through your referral link. If your colleague made the purchase before he/she leaves the company, you will still earn the referral credit.

I have received several referrals from different people. Will they all rewarded?

No, only one person can be rewarded for a referral. This will be the person whose referral link you used to register and purchase a GymCARD.

How long is the referral credit valid?

Your referral credit is valid up to six months after it is applied to your account.

How can I use my referral credit?

You can use your referral credit on any GymCARD. If you have a GymCARD, the credit will be automatically deducted from your next monthly payment.

If your referral credit is greater than the amount of the GymCARD purchased, the remaining credit will be discounted upon your next GymCARD subscription renewal if it is still valid (see the expiration date in the answer above).

I made a referral, but I did not receive a credit. How is that possible?

Keep in mind that you will only receive a credit when 1) your colleague has purchased a GymCARD for the first time 2) the purchase is not cancelled 3) the payment has been made successfully.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email

What happens if Gympass changes the credit amount per User and the minimum amount eligible for referral credit?

The amounts to be considered as referral credit and minimum amount eligible for referral credit will be the amounts in effect at the time the referred colleague completed the purchase when he/she accumulates the minimum purchase amount for the credit deposit, instead of the amounts in effect at the time of the recommendation.**

I have other questions

Please contact us by email


**Gympass reserves the right to change the amounts to be deposited by referral as well as the maximum credit limits it offers.


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