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Helping defeat inactivity.
A corporate wellness solution
designed to engage and
maintain employee wellbeing

Gympass multiplies the number of physically active employees at each company,
building a healthier, happier and more engaged workplace for all.

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Main clients

  • General Eletric
  • Diageo
  • PayPal

A transformative approach to
physical activity

Gympass offers equal access to a range of wellness options, which can help your company reduce healthcare costs, overcome absenteeism and resolve unplanned employee turnover. You can help every employee find an activity to love with hundred of options available at thousands of locations.

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Designed for
self discovery

With an innovative platform, employees can easily search for activities and attend their favourite locations as well as employers being able to track their engagement. There's no hard to learn interfaces or system integrations.

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A holistic
fitness solution

Gympass offers a customised fitness network with a flexibility of prices that all employees can enjoy.

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Hear from
our clients:

Jacob Rosenbloom CEO at Levee

"Gympass is an easy financial investment for the company as it's a win-win situation for everyone"

Logo Levee

Mirella Basolli Shared Services Director at GPA

“With this partnership we were able to encourage all of our employees in Brazil to have a healthier life.”

Logo GPA

Depoimento de Roberto di Bernardini do Santander

"The health of our employees is the health of our company, that’s why we have made the commitment to be one of the healthiest companies in the world"

Roberto di Bernardini
Global HR Director - Santander

Logo Santander

Are you an HR Executive?

According to the World Health Organization, companies are in a unique position to fight inactivity and you could be the key to making it happen.

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