Gympass Corporate

Your employees more active
Your company more productive

The health and wellness program with proven ROI

Gympass gives people
all the choices to lead a healthier life

We empower businesses to provide employees with unlimited access to thousands of gyms, studios and health clubs

Why companies of all sizes choose Gympass

Reduce costs

Boost employee productivity

Save on healthcare and wellness programme expenses

Get your workforce more active and reduce absenteeism by up to 30%

Analyse health improvements within our employee dashboard

Prove wellness ROI

Improve health scores

Attract and retain talent

Optimise your benefits package

Promote a healthy lifestyle within the workplace and lower risk factors

Engage your best talent with a wellness benefit they will love

Offer a flexible and affordable benefit tailored to business needs

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Companies of all sizes have been using Gympass to engage their most important assets, their people:


Gympass provides higher employee quality of life, retention of talent and a reduction of costs associated with absenteeism and insurance.

D. Castrogiovanni


Gympass is a truly holistic fitness program. It offers diversity of activities, is accessible to everyone and allows flexible usage."

A. Barradas

 + 178% employees
who exercise regularly

- 50% high risk population

With Gympass, Unilever obtained international recognition through the Global Healthy Workplace Award

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Some results achieved by partner companies through the Gympass Corporate Benefit


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