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€ 19.99 / per maand

  • Includes 1 gyms
  • 0 in Amsterdam
  • 1 cities served

€ 34.99 / per maand

  • Includes 77 gyms
  • 6 in Amsterdam
  • 54 cities served

€ 49.99 / per maand

  • Includes 330 gyms
  • 33 in Amsterdam
  • 174 cities served

€ 69.99 / per maand

  • Includes 641 gyms
  • 64 in Amsterdam
  • 251 cities served

€ 99.99 / per maand

  • Includes 751 gyms
  • 93 in Amsterdam
  • 263 cities served

€ 139.99 / per maand

  • Includes 772 gyms
  • 100 in Amsterdam
  • 263 cities served

€ 169.99 / per maand

  • Includes 791 gyms
  • 109 in Amsterdam
  • 263 cities served

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If you prefer, choose another plan value.

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€ 19.99 / per maand

  • Includes 1 gyms
  • 0 in Amsterdam
  • 1 cities served

Plan details

Join thousands of gyms by paying a single monthly fee. You can always use the same gym or use different gyms every day, as long as the monthly fee is equal to or less than the selected plan.

For example, with the monthly value of € 119.99 you can use all Gympass gyms with monthly values € 119.99, € 69.99, € 19.99, etc. The only limitation is the use of a single gym per day.


Included gyms

Includes all gyms with monthly value equal to or lower than the chosen monthly fee, in any city in the country or in countries where Gympass is present.


Included class types

You can do bodybuilding, pilates, yoga, swimming, fights, dances, and many other activities. See the class types available on each gym.

Credit card

Payment method

Join exclusively through our website, paying via iDeal of Creditcard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use it?

After joining, when you arrive at the gym, you do the check-in and inform the reception. Know more.

How long is the plan?

The plan lasts 6 months, and has automatic renewal.

Does it take long until I can use my plan?

No, you may use the gyms included in the plan you joined as soon as your plan has been purchased and activated.

Do I need a medical exam to work out?

For swimming pool usage, gyms usually request a health certificate stating that you are able to use the pool.

For São Paulo, it is not necessary to make a physical evaluation if you are over 15 and under 65 years old. For other cities it is necessary to present a medical certificate stating that you can carry out physical activities, it is valid for 6 months after being issued

For other kinds of classes, please check directly with your gym about the need to present a medical examination certificate

Can I use the plan at a gym that is not on Gympass?

No, but you can refer it and we will contact it to include it in our network.

How do I access gyms with a monthly value above my plan?

To access gyms above the value of your plan, upgrade your plan. Get to know the rules.

Can I change my plan?

Get to know the rules.

How do I cancel?

If you cancel your plan before completing 6 months, there will be a cancellation fee of 40% of the remaining monthly payments.

The cancellation will only be done at the end of the current monthly cycle, and in the meantime you will continue to have access to the gyms from your previous plan.

You can cancel your plan through of the logged area.


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