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€ 29.99 / month

  • includes 3 gyms
  • 2 in Dublin
  • 2 cities served

€ 49.99 / month

  • includes 12 gyms
  • 6 in Dublin
  • 7 cities served

€ 89.99 / month

  • includes 39 gyms
  • 19 in Dublin
  • 17 cities served

€ 159.99 / month

  • includes 66 gyms
  • 37 in Dublin
  • 23 cities served

€ 249.99 / month

  • includes 70 gyms
  • 40 in Dublin
  • 24 cities served

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€ 14.99 / month

  • includes 0 gyms
  • 0 cities served

Plan details

Join thousands of gyms with a single monthly membership. You can use all venues included in your plan..

For example, with a monthly plan of € 119.99 you can use all Gympass gyms with monthly fees of € 119.99, € 69.99, € 19.99, etc. The only limitation is that you can only visit one gym per day.


Gyms and Studios

Includes gyms in any city or country where Gympass is present. Search our Gyms to see what's included in each plan..


Included class types

You can do weightlifting, pilates, yoga, swimming, martial arts, dancing + much more! Check your preferred venues to see what classes are available..

Credit card

Payment method

Join exclusively through our website, paying via Credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use it?

Once you're a member, simply visit the gym and Check In with your mobile phone at reception. Learn more..

How long is the plan?

For corporate users, our plans are month-to-month and can be changed or cancelled anytime (for the following month). For non-corporate users our plans lasts 6 months and are automatically renewed.

When can I start using my plan?

You can start working out as soon as your plan has been purchased and activated.

Do I need a medical exam to work out?

The gym may, at their discretion, ask you to fill out a health form before providing access to their facilities.

For swimming pool usage, gyms usually request a health certificate.

For other classes, please check directly with your chosen venue.

Can I use the plan at a gym that is not on Gympass?

No, but you can refer it and we will get in touch to see if they're interested in joining our network!.

How do I access gyms with a monthly value above my selected plan?

You can upgrade your plan. Learn more about the rules.

Can I change my plan?

Learn more about the rules.

How do I cancel?

If you're a corporate member, you can cancel your plan at any time with no notice period or cancellation fee.

The cancellation will only be done at the end of the current monthly cycle, and in the meantime you will continue to have access to the gyms from your previous plan.

You can cancel your plan in 'My Account'.


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